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A B O U T    L O O S E    C A B O O S E    P R O D U C T IO N S

               Loose Caboose Productions was created in 2009 in NYC in conjunction with the creation of The Loose Caboose "un vaudeville spectacle" The show was the second incarnation of a The Burly-Q Comedy Revue produced by comedienne Shane Webb and burlesque maven Tina Cione' and ran monthly in NYC  for 3 years. When Webb left the production in 2012 Kyle Petersen, The Brooklyn Juggler stepped in as assistant producer.

         Since Cione' has gone on to produce multiple solo projects as well as several collaborations with other artists as Loose Caboose Productions. The company is dedicated to producing high-end vintage entertainment with a cheeky sence of humor. Constantly on the look out for fresh acts Loose Caboose Productions delivers a modern sensibly with a superior level of talent that is unique and original.  

  In 2014 Cione' relocated to Las Vegas and continues to produce new material at various venues around Sin City. Her most recent project "The Undressing Room" a collaboration with producer Lolita Haze will run Wednesday nights at 8:30 for a limited four date engagement at The Royal Resort. 

Ms. Tina Cione'

Creator and Executive Producer 

Tina Cione' is a professional dancer from LA. Producing since 2006, she has danced around the world and has appeared in music videos and on television. She is an aerial and burlesque performer, as well as director of The Chi-Ciones Burlesque Super Troupe  

Kyle Petersen 

Assistant Producer, Public Relations 

​Kyle Petersen,

The Guy Who Does it All" is a multi-faceted performer and assistant producer to Cione' in most projects. He has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, The Colbert Report, The Today Show, print ads and commercials.  

Shane Webb

Original Co-creator and Co-producer  

Shane Webb comedienne, longtime producer of comedy and stand up shows. Hailing from the Boston area she teamed up with Cione' to create The Loose Caboose in 2010

Tom Stathes'

 Cartoons on Film

Your #1 Stop for

Classic Silent Cartoons 


Guest Artists 

The Finest Artists in NYC & Las Vegas

Tom Stahes collection of vintage cartoons was a featured guest curating a whimsical medley of collected classic cartoons every month from 7:30 to 8 at Casa Mezcal 

Past guests include , Albert Cadabra, World Famous *BOB*,  Bastard Keith, Bradford Scobie, Chris McDaniel, Corn Mo, Honi Harlow, Miss Saturn, Oleg Frish, Shelly Watson, Throwdini, kalani Kokonits, Marinka and most notably Joe Franklin, legendary radio host, hosted the show. 

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